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How to Add a Quiz to Your HubSpot Site
How to Add a Quiz to Your HubSpot Site
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100's of HubSpot sites use the Opinion Stage quiz to generate engagement, gather leads, get insights from their users in an indirect way, and as a product finder.

Follow these steps to create your HubSpot Quiz

Step 1 - Create your Quiz

Start by figuring out which quiz type you would like to create. According to the quiz type, create a trivia quiz or personality quiz.

Step 2 - Copy the embed code

After you publish the quiz, go to your dashboard, click the ‘Share’ button, select the ‘iframe’ tab, and copy the iframe embed code.

Step 3 - Add the Quiz code to your HubSpot Site

Start by creating a new post or opening an existing one. From the rich editor, click on the "Insert" drop-down and then the "Embed" menu item. Paste the embed code you previously copied.

You're done!

Once the quiz is on your site, start sharing it with your site audience, email lists and social followers to maximize its impact.

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