Which Item Should I Create?

Should I create a poll, quiz, survey or form?

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Poll: Ask users to vote on their preferences, for example, "who is your favorite Beatle?" Results can be set to display after voting. Great for user engagement and feedback. You can enable users to share via social media. You also have to option to create a sequence of Polls, called a Polls Series.

Personality Quiz: Series of interactive questions. The user will get a result based on how he or she answers the questions, for example "which Starbucks drink matches your lifestyle?" You can direct the user to a call to action or landing page based on their result. There are no right or wrong answers here. Great for suggesting products to consumers based on their needs and interests.

Trivia Quiz: A series of multiple-choice questions with correct and incorrect answers. You have the option to display the correct answer after each question or upon the completed quiz. Great for assessments!

Survey: A set of interactive questions designed to find out what users think. You can add a call to action based on the users' answers, use skip logic, and collect leads and information on the user. Great for user feedback!

Standard Form: A quick and easy way to generate leads and collect information on users. With standard forms all the fields are displayed on one page (use surveys for interactive forms). Use cases include contests, email list signups, enter to win, etc.


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