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Redirect to Landing Pages
Redirect to Landing Pages

This article describes the redirect on poll vote feature

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You can redirect users to different landing pages based on their answers. This feature is supported in all our formats (Form / Survey, Personality quiz, Trivia Quiz & Poll)

Redirect in Personality Quizzes, Trivia Quizzes, Forms & Surveys

To configure the feature:

  1. Create a personality quiz/trivia quiz/form/survey.

  2. For each of the closings/results, enable the "Redirect to the landing page" checkbox and configure the URL you would like the user to be sent to

Redirect on vote in Polls

To configure the feature:

  1. Create a poll and save it.

  2. Click the Configure link near the Redirect on vote field

  3. Configure one of the following redirect options:

      a) Reload the page in which the poll resides, regardless of what the user voted for
      b) Redirect to the same configured URL, regardless of what the user voted for
      c) Redirect to different URLs based on what the user voted for 

To view an example, click here

Note option 3c above is not supported when the poll is configured to allow users to select more than one answer

Note: some browsers may block redirects; for this case, we recommend configuring the call to action button in addition to the redirect.

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