In online voting, you can't get 100% secure, unless you give each user a unique password for voting (and even then it's not fully secure). However you can solve the issue in a very high percentage of the cases, using cheat voting prevention mechanisms.

We offer 3 main mechanisms:

1) Blocking repeat voting using cookies - this is not very strong, as users can just delete cookies.

2) Blocking repeat voting using IP addresses - this is much stronger and more than enough for most of the cases, however a more sophisticated hacker can over come this by writing a bot that switches IP's automatically - not easy, but possible.

3) Blocking using social profiles - in this case we allow voting only if you use a social profile (Facebook, Google, Twitter) for doing that

In most cases, #2 is enough but for an added layer of security, we highly recommend using #2 & #3 together.

In addition, after the vote ends you can export all the vote results to verify there aren't any cheat patterns.

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