Before starting, verify you have the Opinion Stage WordPress plugin installed

There are 2 ways in which you can add items to your site using the classic editor: use the Opinion Stage item insertion window or copy the short code directly.

Option #1 - Adding an item using the item insertion window

  1. Click the "Add a Poll, Survey, Quiz or Form" button on the editor interface to launch the item insertion window

   2. Create a new item from the "Create New" drop-down on top/right
   3. Click the the "Examples" tab to view examples of items you can create
   4. Click the "My Content" tab to view the items you have created

   4. To add an item to your post, hover on it, and click the "Insert" button

Option #2 - Adding an item by copying the WordPress short code

  1. From the Opinion Stage dashboard, click "Add to Site" button
  2. Click the WordPress tab
  3. Copy the WordPress short-code

 4. Paste the embed code in the classic editor

You're done!

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