Opinion Stage allows you to automatically send all email leads from all items collectively (in addition to per item), to a 3rd party application. 

Following are instructions on how to send email leads gathered in Opinion Stage to Zapier:

Part A: Configuration in Opinion Stage

  1. From your Opinion Stage Dashboard, go to settings on the top right corner and copy the API token.

Part B: Configuration in Zapier

  1. Click on the Make a Zap! Button, and name the Zap in the top left corner.
  2. Click on Webhooks app, and then select Retrieve Poll.
  3. Enter the following parameters into the displayed form:

URL: http://opinionstage.com/api/v1/my/leads?start-date=2017-03-01&end-date=2017-04-01 (note that the date parameter in the URL is optional)
Key: leads
Duplication Key: email
Headers (left side): OS-TOKEN-V1
Headers (right side): <enter API Token that was copied from Opinion Stage>

4. Verify that at least 1 lead was gathered via items you created in Opinion Stage before starting the test, and then click Fetch & Continue.

5. Select the application that you’d like to send the leads to.

6. Enable the Zap!

In the Basic zapier.com plan, new leads will be polled every 15 minutes. For testing purposes you can go to the zap dashboard and initiate the polling of new leads.

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