The most common way to place content (e.g. polls, quizzes, surveys, stories, etc) you created with Opinion Stage to your site, is by embedding it directly.

To add content to your site:

  1. Verify you published the content
  2. Click the "Add to Site" button
  3. Copy/Paste the embed code (Script, iframe or WordPress) to a page/post/article on your site

Alternatively, you can also add content to your site using placements. To do so you need to first add the placement to your site and then from the Opinion Stage dashboard determine what content is displayed in the placement.

To add a placement to your site:

  1. Click the "Placements" tab
  2. Click "Add to Site" near the relevant placement (we support 3 placement types: article, sidebar & popup)
  3. Copy/Paste the embed code  to the location on your site where you would like the content to be displayed (i.e. sidebar, etc)
  4. Click "Edit Content" button to configure the content that is displayed in the placement
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