Opinion Stage allows you to send all the data gathered from users and the results they get while they participate in Opinion Stage items (e.g. quiz, survey) to any 3rd application via webhooks.

While you can create your own custom application that processes the information sent from the webhook, a popular way to simplify this process is by using zapier.com that has built-in integrations with hundreds of popular applications (e.g. Mailchimp, google docs, salesforce, email client, etc)

To demonstrate this feature, following is a step-by-step tutorial for sending the data collected from a lead form integrated in a personality quiz to MailChimp via Zapier.

  1. Create a personality quiz on OpinionStage.com and configure a lead form in it
  2. Create an account at Zapier.com
  3. Click the Make a Zap! button
  4. In the "Choose a Trigger App" screen give a name to your zap on the top/left side of the screen
  5. Select Webhooks
  6. Select the Catch Hook radio button and then click Save & Continue
  7. Skip the "Set up Webhooks by Zapier Hook" screen by clicking the Continue button
  8. Skip the "Sample screen" by clicking the Continue button
  9. At this point, Zapier will create your webhook code. In the "Test Webhooks by Zapier" screen, copy the webhook
  10. Go back to OpinionStage.com, edit the personality quiz you created, and in the “Integrations” settings section, set on the “Enable custom webhook” checkbox
  11. Paste the webhook you copied from zapier and click the “Save” button. Now, save the Personality Quiz and verify the webhook is configured properlly
  12. To start sending the data with the webhook, load the personality quiz (click the “Landing Page” button) and complete the quiz as a typical user would
  13. Now go back to Zapier, and click the “Ok, I did this” button. If all goes OK, you should be getting a “Test Successful” message
  14. In the "Pick A Sample to Set Up Your Zap" screen, click the Continue button
  15. You should now be directed to the "Choose an Action App" screen. In this screen, search and select the MailChimp app
  16. In the "Select MailChimp action" screen, select the "Add/Update Subscriber" and click Save + Continue
  17. In the "Connect MailChimp + Zapier" screen, click Connect and enter your MailChimp username/password when prompted. Then click Save + Continue
  18. In the "Set up MailChimp Subscriber" screen, select the "List" to be used in Mailchimp and then click the Refresh Fields button to view all the fields in MailChimp
  19. Configure the fields you want to catch from the personality quiz submission (i.e. Email, etc) and click Continue
  20. In the "Send Test Subscriber to MailChimp" screen, click Send Test to MailChimp and verify the data is transfered to your mailchimp account
  21. Click Finish, enable the Zap switch and you're done!

In a similar way you can configure sending data submitted in any other Opinion Stage tool (e.g. poll, survey, form, etc) to any application that Zapier supports (e.g. salesforce, google docs, etc)

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