While you can access the email leads you captured in the Opinion Stage dashboard, you might also want to automatically send them to your marketing automation service.

For some marketing automation services (e.g. Mailchimp & Hubspot) Opinion Stage offers native integrations. For others (e.g. Salesforce, AWeber) we support using zapier.com as a mediator for automating the process. Zapier supports 750+ apps which could be configured to integrate with Opinion Stage.

Following are instructions on how to send email leads gathered in Opinion Stage to Zapier:

  1. In the Opinion Stage Dashboard, go to the account settings, and copy the API Token

2) Open the Zapier dashboard, and click the “Make a Zap” button

3) Search for the Webhooks app and click on it

4) You will be offered 2 options, select the “Retrieve Poll” option and click “Save & Continue”

5) In the displayed form, enter the following parameters and then click the “Continue” button:

a. “URL” Field: http://opinionstage.com/api/v1/my/leads?start-date=2017-03-01&end-date=2017-04-01 (note that the date parameter in the URL is optional)
b. “Key” field: leads
c. “Duplication Key” field: email
d. “Headers” field (left side): OS-TOKEN-V1
e. “Headers” field (right side): <enter here the API Token you copied in step #1)

6) You will now be offered to Test your webhook. Verify that at least 1 lead was gathered via content you created in Opinion Stage before starting the test, and then click “Fetch & Continue”. If all goes well, you should be getting a “Test Successful” message. Click Continue to complete this part

7) Now choose an action application, such as “Send Outbound Email” and configure it to use the email lead you gathered from Opinion Stage

8) Don’t forget to enable your zap to get the automation started!

Note that in the basic zapier.com plan, new leads will be polled every 15 minutes. For testing purposes you can go to the zap dashboard and initiate the polling of new leads.

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