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MailerLite Integration

Send item submission data automatically to a MailerLite using Zapier

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Follow these steps to configure the MailerLite integration using Zapier

Step #1 - Create a Zap

Start by creating a new Zap and giving it a name.

In the trigger section, select Webhooks by Zapier, and then Catch Hook in the Trigger event field and click Continue & Continue.

Copy the Webhook URL. You will use this code momentarily in Opinion Stage.

Step #2 - Enter the Webhook URL into your Item

Go back to your Opinion Stage account. Edit your Quiz/Survey and enable the "Enable custom webhook" checkbox under Settings > Integrations.

In the displayed dialog, paste the Webhook code copied from Zapier, click Save, and then save your quiz/survey.

Important: Now, take the quiz/survey on the landing page (note that if you do that in the preview window, it will not work) - this will send a test entry with the Webhook so you can test it works in Zapier and map the events.

Step #3 - Connect to MailerLite

a) Go back to and start by clicking Continue on the screen you left off on.

b) Click Test Zap to verify data is sent from your quiz/survey to Zapier. When you see the data, you are ready to continue configuring the action.

c) Click Continue with the selected record

c) Now move to the Action part. In the App Event search box, search for MailerLite and select it.

d) In the Action Event drop-down, select Add or Update Contact and click Continue

e) Sign in to your MailerLite account by adding your API key, approve connecting MailerLite to Zapier, and click continue

f) Map the fields gathered in your survey/quiz to the MailerLite contact (note: you may need to submit another entry in your quiz/survey and click refresh before this step)

g) When you finish mapping the fields, test that information is received, publish, and then Turn on the Zap

You're done!

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