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Why am I not receiving emails from Opinion Stage?
Why am I not receiving emails from Opinion Stage?
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In case you are not receiving emails from Opinion Stage (for example the confirmation email or the result export email) it could be that your email provider is blocking the emails or misclassifying them. You can usually easily resolve this yourself. Below are instructions to do so in the different email providers.

1) Open your Safe Senders settings.

2) Under Safe senders and domains, click +add and enter

3) Select Save.

For more information, refer to the Microsoft article

Outlook 365

To release an email that was sent:

1) Go to the quarantine

2) If you find an email from Opinion Stage in the list, click on it

3) Click Release email, check the Submit the message to Microsoft to improve detection (false positive checkbox, and then click Send

To verify future emails are not blocked:

2) Click on the Anti-spam inbound policy (Default) entry

3) In the dialog that opens, scroll down until you reach Edit allowed and blocked senders and domains

4) Click the Allow domains link and add the domain, click Done, and then Save


1) Go to the spam email box

2) Search for an email from Opinion Stage

3) If such an email is found, click "Report not spam". The email should be moved to the inbox and from now on emails from Opinion Stage will go directly to your inbox

Emails from Opinion Stage are still blocked? Your email provider is not listed above? Contact us, we would love to help you resolve this issue!

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