Are you currently on a paid plan?

If you are currently on a paid plan, go to the drop-down menu at the top right and click on Settings.

Then click on Plan & Billing and click on the "Access your billing information" link. Note that if you paid with paypal, you can only get invoices/reciepts from Paypal.

Would you like to change fields in the invoice (will apply to future invoices only)

To change fields in the invoice:

1) Click the "Access your billing information" link above

2) Click "Settings" in the screen that is displayed and fill in / update the fields in the form

3) click "Submit"

Are you currently on the free plan, and can't find past invoices?

Please contact us via the chat window with the payments you would like an invoice on.

Was the payment done with Paypal?

If you paid with Paypal, you can only get invoices/receipts from Paypal.

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