Most of our users choose to embed their items (e.g. quizzes, etc) on their own website. In this case they don't really care what is the URL of the item on the Opinion Stage site.

However, some users prefer to run their items from a white labeled page on the site. For this case, we would like to explain how the URL is constructed and how you can change it.

Lets take a look at the following example:

These are the 2 components of the URL that can be changed:

1) "template" - by default when you create your account, we take the name field from the signup process and use it in the URL (in this case the account name is template). If you want to change this part of the URL contact us and we'll make the change for you

2) "what-is-your-love-language" - this part of of the URL is created when you publish your item, and is constructed from the title of the item cover. If you have already published your item and want to change this part of the URL, we recommend the following process:

a) Duplicate your item

b) Change the title of the cover to get the URL path you want

c) Publish the item (this is when the URL is finalized)

d) Change the title of the cover back to what you want it to be

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