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Adding Custom Messages to Facebook Shares
Adding Custom Messages to Facebook Shares

How to add a custom message that appears every time someone shares your quiz on Facebook.

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When people take your quiz and love it, they want to share it. And every time they share you get a whole new bunch of views and lots of engagement. Wouldn't it be amazing if you could customize the messaging for these shares? Well, you can!

This is how:

  1. Click on "Social" on the right-hand side of your quiz dashboard.

  2. Select "Add a message to Facebook sharing".

  3. Write a message in the editable textbox.

And you're done!

The message you write will be displayed whenever your quiz takers share your quiz on Facebook unless they choose to change it of course (:.

We've suggested some copy you can use in the textbox, but you can customize the message according to your preference.

Having such a personal message, especially one referring to the results, like:

I got 9/10 answers right on this quiz, think you can beat me?

And then a link to the quiz itself is a super way to raise curiosity, motivation, and engagement.

Give it a try!

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