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How to Add a Poll or Survey to Your Shopify Site
How to Add a Poll or Survey to Your Shopify Site
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Join hundreds of Shopify site owners that use Opinion Stage surveys and polls on their sites.

Polls and surveys can be used to gather feedback, learn about your audience, drive engagement, redirect users to a product based on their answers, and more.

Follow these steps to add a poll or survey to your Shopify site.

Step #1 - Create a Poll or Survey

Create a poll in case you would like to ask 1 multiple-choice question. You can either create the poll from scratch or from one of our poll templates.

Create a survey if you would like to ask multiple questions of different types (open-ended & close-ended). Create the survey from scratch or start from one of our survey templates.

Step #2 - Copy the Poll / Survey Embed code

After you publish the quiz, click the "Shopify" button, and copy the embed code.

Step #3 - Add the Poll / Survey to your site

Start by opening the page (an existing one or new one) to which you would like to add the poll or survey.

In the page you are working on, click on the β€˜<>’ icon.

Add the code you copied in step #2 and click save.

You're done!

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