Join 100's of Shopify shop owners that use Opinion Stage quizzes, surveys and polls on their sites.

Quizzes can be a great addition to your Shopify site. You can create a product selector to help them find the perfect product, generate engagement to get your brand more memorable, sign them up to your newsletter by integrating a lead form in your quiz and more.

Follow these steps to create a Shopify quiz:

Step #1 - Create a Quiz

You can either start with one of our quiz templates, or start from scratch with a personality quiz or trivia quiz.

Step #2 - Copy the Embed code

After you publish the quiz, click the "Embed & Share" button, and copy the script code.

Step #3 - Open a Page on your Shopify Site

Either use an existing page or open a new page for adding the quiz.

Step #4 - Add the quiz to your page

In the editor of the page , click on the β€˜<>’ icon. In the HTML editor that opens paste the quiz script code you copied in step 2 and click save / create page.

Preview the page to see how the quiz looks on the page you created and make changes to your page accordingly.

You're done!

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