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How to Add a Quiz to a Squarespace Site
How to Add a Quiz to a Squarespace Site
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Adding a quiz to your Squarespace site can be a great way to generate engagement, gather qualified leads, learn about your audience, drive sales, and much more. Follow these steps to create a quiz in minutes.

Step #1 - Create a Quiz

Start by creating a trivia/knowledge quiz or creating a personality quiz either from scratch or based on one of our quiz templates.

Step #2 - Copy the Embed code

After you publish the quiz, go to the items dashboard and click on the ‘Embed & Share’ button. In the dialog that is displayed, select the ‘Squarespace’ tab, and click on the 'Copy code' button to copy the code.

Step #3 - Open the Post/Page You Want to Add the Quiz To

Open your post/page and then from the editor, find the + or an insert point and click on it.

Step #4 - Open the "Embed" block

From the drop-down menu, select the “Embed” block.

Step #5 - Paste the Quiz code into the embed block

After clicking on the block, a dialogue box will appear and you should click the </> icon to add the plugin code.

You will be directed to a new dialogue box where you can paste the Quiz code copied earlier and click Set.

Click on Apply to Save the Changes to the page.

Share the Quiz with the World

Once you have the quiz created share the quiz with the world - drive traffic to the quiz from your site, share it in your social networks, and send it to your email list.

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