100's of Wix site owners use Opinion Stage to run quizzes on their sites.

Step 1 - Create a Quiz

Create a trivia quiz or a personality quiz to engage your audience, gather leads, get insights or drive sales with a product finder.

Step 2 - Copy the embed code

Go to the item dashboard and click on the ‘Embed & Share’ button of the quiz that you created. In the displayed dialog, select the ‘iframe’ tab, click on ‘Get iframe Embed Code’, and copy the iframe code.

Step 3 - Add the Quiz code to your Wix Site

Open the Wix site editor, click on the ‘+’ or ‘Add’ button, hover over ‘More’, and select ‘HTML Code’.

Select ‘Code’ and paste the HTML code you previously copied into the grey box, and Click ‘Update’. Drag the container to place it wherever you like on your site.

That's it, you're done! now start sharing your quiz with the world.

Start with a Template

Opinion Stage offers 100's of quiz templates of multiple types and topics. Use one of these templates to drive inspiration or to get up and going in minutes. Browse our Quiz templates.

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