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How to add items to a Post/Page on WordPress
How to add items to a Post/Page on WordPress

How to add your poll, quiz, survey to your WordPress site

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Before starting, verify you have the Opinion Stage WordPress plugin installed.

WordPress offers 2 different post/page editors, the Gutenberg editor, and the classic editor. Following are instructions on how to add items in each one of the editors.

Adding an item in the Gutenberg Editor

  1. In the add block dialog, search for opinion stage or for the Opinion Stage element you would like to add (e.g. poll, trivia, personality, survey or form) and click on it.

For this demonstration, we will select the Poll block. The poll block will be displayed.

2. To add a poll you created in the past, click "Select a Poll", and from the displayed items widget, Insert the poll you want to add.

3. To create a new poll, click the "Create a New Poll" button. You will be redirected to the poll creation form to create your poll. After you complete creating your poll, you can click the "Select a Poll" button in the poll block and find it in your list of polls.

You're done.

Adding an item in the Classic Editor

  1. Click the "Add a Poll, Survey, Quiz or Form" button on the editor interface to launch the item insertion window.

2. Create a new item from the "Create" drop-down on the top/right.

3. Click "Insert" near the item you would like to add.

You're done!

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