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How Do I Generate Ad Revenue with Polls & Quizzes?
How Do I Generate Ad Revenue with Polls & Quizzes?

Learn how to integrate ads in your poll & quiz widgets

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Polls and quizzes are two of the most engaging types of content.

Therefore, locating ads in and around polls and quizzes drives very high ad CTR which results in more ad revenue for the publisher.

With Opinion Stage, you can integrate ads at the top/bottom of the poll/quiz, inside the poll/quiz, or a combination of both.

Integrate your own ads in the polls/quizzes:

1) Go to the Global Settings screen

2) Enable the "Integrate Ads in my items" checkbox

3) Enter the ad code to be displayed at the top or/and at the bottom of the widget

4) Click Save

Here is an example with ads configured on the top & bottom of a quiz:

Integrate Opinion Stage ads in your polls/quizzes:

We offer managing ads for high-traffic publishers in certain countries. In this scenario, you will get a revenue share on the proceeds of the ads and in addition get to use the service completely free.

If you expect to get more than 1 million views a month on your polls/quizzes, and you would like to learn more about this scenario, contact us.

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