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Which Cookies do Opinion Stage Widgets use?
Which Cookies do Opinion Stage Widgets use?
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Opinion Stage widgets use cookies in order to keep some of the client-side information in the browser persistent and to protect against bots.

These are the cookies used by Opinion Stage widgets

1. anonymous_votes

Used by poll items, this cookie saves the vote meta information in a single cookie called "anonymous_votes". The domain of this cookie is

2. os_results_*

Used by surveys, this cookie saves the user selections in the different questions. The domain of this cookie is
This cookie will only be used if the feature "Block repeat voting" is set on (by default it is off).

Note: "*" symbol in cookie name reflects that cookie is specific to a certain widget

3. _os_session

This cookie protects Opinion Stage widget from bot attacks such as faking user answers. It does not contain any user-specific information.

In addition, the widget loads cookies from 3rd party integrations we have: (for sharing the widget in Facebook) & (for monitoring widget performance). If you do not want the Facebook/Twitter/Google cookies, just disable the social sharing options in the widgets (you can do that from the social settings).

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