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Add Team Members to Your Account
Add Team Members to Your Account
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The Teams feature lets you add multiple users to your account. You can also assign different permissions to the users and filter the items by the user that created them.

Adding Users

1) Go to the Teams screen

2) Click the "Add Team Member" button

team invite user

3) Add users to the account with editor "Admin" (full permissions) or "Editor" (limited permissions)

Setting the Account Name & Username

1) To set your account name, head to the account settings. If it is your personal account it is recommended to set a personal name. If this is the account you are sharing with other users, it is recommended to select a name that communicates what the account is (e.g. "my organization name", "Content Marketing team", etc)

2) To set your username, head to the user settings. It is recommended to set your name here so that other users can know which items you created in the shared account.

Filtering the Items by Users

From the items dashboard, go the users drop-down and filter the items by the user that created them.

Switching between accounts

You can switch between accounts you are a member of from the top/right drop-down menu

Setting Permissions

There are 3 different permission levels for team members

1) Account creator - can do everything

2) Admin - can do everything in the account besides deleting the account

3) Editor - can do everything an admin can do besides accessing the account settings, billing settings, global settings, and team settings.

Important Note - when you invite users that are not part of Opinion Stage to your account, we automatically create a personal account for them in addition to adding them as users in your account. Please remember to instruct your team members to create the items in the team/shared account rather than in their personal account to avoid confusion.

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