Follow these steps to create a story

  1. First, open the Create a Story form
  2. Enter the story title (optional)
  3. Enter the story description (optional)
  4. Add as many text, media, and interactive elements/blocks as you like
  5. Save as a draft to review, and click Publish when the article is completed

Note: you can either run the stories from a landing page on Opinion Stage or embed the stories on your site.

Elements List

Following is a list of interactive (e.g. poll, quiz, etc.) and other (e.g. text, image, video, etc.) elements you can add to your story:


Add a poll to easily discover what your audience thinks about anything. Polls are easy to create and one of the most engaging types of interactive formats.

Trivia Quizzes

With Trivia Quizzes you can create an interactive test that gives immediate feedback to the user after selecting an answer (i.e. correct/incorrect). Alternatively, you can also create an assessment that offers a score at the end.

Personality Quizzes

A quiz in which answers provided by participants are used to arrive at results that are indicative of their personality, traits, or preferences.


A highly visual and interactive survey format that is guaranteed to produce more responses than any other type of survey service.


Gather contact information from your users in a classic form format.


You can select an image that is located on your computer, in a URL, or search for an image based on permissions.


You can integrate videos from Youtube (note that we will soon add additional video providers (e.g. Vimeo and Facebook).

Twitter Embeds

Add a Twitter embed by pasting a link to a Twitter post in the Embed element.

Instagram Embeds

Add an Instagram embed by pasting a link to an Instagram post in the Embed element.

Call-to-Action (CTA) Buttons

Add a call-to-action button to your article to move your readers to the next step.

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