How to make a List:

To create a List, just go to your dashboard, click on “Create” and then on “List,”. Choose a cover image, put in your list items, and you’re done! When you’re ready you can just click “Publish” and the listicle goes live. Read on for tips on making a really great one.

Best practices and tips for making a great listicle:

1) Think about your audience: As with all engaging content, the most crucial thing is having a clear concept of who the audience is, and matching the content to their interests and needs. Make sure your content is interesting to your audience, and results will soon follow.

2) Number of items: Good listicles have anywhere upwards of 5 items. Less will usually seem odd, more is usually better. The maximum possible is 100.

3) Start small: When you first start, you may want to begin with a minimal list just to see how it looks – put in a first list item, save a draft, and get a preview of how your quiz is shaping up. It’s easier to adjust your content before publishing.

4) Use images: Images catch people’s eyes and imaginations, attracting attention to your list and keeping participants around. Choose good-looking images, especially for the listicle’s cover photo. Some of our favorite sources for free images can be found here. View our image size recommendations here.

A List example:

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