Leads are the lifeblood of any successful business. Whether you’re a startup or an enterprise, you need to have a process that allows you to collect, convert, and close your leads. Without one, you’ll have a hard time increasing your sales and revenue.

Opinion Stage provides a great lead generation tool that lets you you generate more leads (up to 500% more) and leads in a higher quality (associated with answers).

How to configure a lead generation form:

  1. Edit your item
  2. Click on Leads and select "Create a New Form" in the drop-down menu.

3. Hit Edit form
4. Configure the lead form. You can scroll to the bottom of the page to add form fields, as shown below. You'll be able to select from a drop-down menu the type of field you'd like to add.

5. Hit Save at the top right

There are also some settings on the top right that allow you to let users skip the form, and to send the leads to your email, Mailchimp and/or Hubspot accounts, shown below. We support hundreds of additional integrations via Webhooks, Zapier and an API.

Marketing Stack Integrations

You can integrate with your marketing stack to send leads and associated information to hundreds of marketing automation and email services. This allows you to fully integrate your Opinion Stage lead generation campaigns with your existing marketing stack. Please review these docs for more advanced information and configurations.

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