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How to Configure Social Sharing
How to Configure Social Sharing

Get your quizzes, polls & surveys shared On Facebook, X, and more with social sharing buttons.

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Sharing buttons can be added to all quizzes, surveys, forms & polls created with the platform.

The supported built-in social network buttons - Facebook, X, WhatsApp, Reddit & LinkedIn – are a great way to drive more traffic to your site.

Whenever someone shares your quiz or poll, you get more links back to your site, where the content is embedded.

Of course, just having the buttons isn’t enough. Great polls, trivia quizzes, and personality quizzes are great motivators for sharing. If you want to increase social sharing, end the poll or quiz with something that will invite and encourage readers to use those share buttons and share your content.

To configure social sharing:

  1. Edit your item (e.g., poll, quiz, etc.)

  2. Open the social sharing settings on the right side-bar

  3. Enable the "Show social sharing bar" checkbox

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