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How to add multiple results in a Personality Quiz
How to add multiple results in a Personality Quiz
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A Personality Quiz is a series of questions designed to reveal something about the person who answers them, for example, "What Type of Traveler Are You?" 

While one single result can be assigned to the quiz taker, Opinion Stage also allows for multiple results to be displayed as a percentage. For example, "You are 75% City Slicker and 25% Beach Bum."

How to configure:

In the Results section, you can use one of the following parameters set in the title and description:

1) Percent based - {result #1 percent} , {result #2 percent} , etc.

2) Point based - {result #1 points}, {result #2 points}, etc.

In the example below, we will use the percent-based parameters to show the association the user got to each of the results:

Be sure to change the resulting number for each result option:

Your results will be displayed like this:

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