Placements allow you to embed code once to a location on your WordPress site or page and change what is displayed in that location whenever you like from the Opinion Stage dashboard without embedding code again.

You can embed a placement directly on any specific page or post, but sometimes you want to display it in multiple locations or even on your whole site.

How to Add Placements on a Specific Page or Pages

  1. You will need to use an additional, external plugin called Per page add to head. You can search for it in the Plugins > Add New page in your WordPress dashboard, or you can get it from the plugin page on

  2. After the plugin is installed and activated, go to Settings > Per Page Add To Head,scroll down to Manage post types and make sure the plugin is enabled for the type of page you want to add placements to (for example, Pages and Posts).

3. Save the changes and go to the page or post you want to add the placement to.

4. In another window, open your Opinion Stage content dashboard, navigate to Placements, and click Embed next to the placement you want to use.

5. Copy the placement code

6. Go back to the other window with the WordPress post/page where you want the placement to show up, and paste that script in the Add to head box below the post editor.

7. Update or publish the page (or post) and that’s it! The placement will show up there. You can embed the same placement on as many pages as you like, then control what shows up in the placement in one go from your Placements dashboard.

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