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How to Use the Skip / Branch Logic Feature
How to Use the Skip / Branch Logic Feature
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What is skip / branch logic?

Skip logic is a feature that determines what question to ask a participant based on his/her prior response. For example:
"Do you like ice cream?

1. Yes
2. No

If yes, "what is your favorite flavor?"
If no, "which dessert do you prefer instead?"

How to configure Skip Logic

  1. Go to the skip logic section in the creation form

  2. Click the "configure skip logic" button

  3. In each question, configure the skip logic rules

  4. Click Save when all rules are configured

  5. After saving the skip logic rules, remember to save the creation form as well

This feature is available for Surveys, Personality Quizzes, and Trivia Quizzes.

For an example of skip logic in action, view this template (you can see that based on your answers you will get different follow up answers or endings)

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