There are three ways in which interactive content can help increase your ad revenue:

1) Page ads – Using interactive content on your site dramatically increases the time users spend on your site and also helps you drive new traffic via social sharing. This results in more revenue from your existing website ads.

2) Integrated ads – Opinion Stage lets you integrate your ads inside the interface of your items. This results in a much higher ad CPM (up to 3X). Here is an example of an ad integrated into a quiz:

3) Ad refresh – Interactive content requires users to transition between pages/cards, which means you can configure it to display different ads inside/outside the content of each transition. Here is an example of an ad embedded in a poll. In this example, the ad is refreshed for each poll that is displayed:

Who manages the ads?

Publishers can select between:

1) Managing the ads using their existing ad partners (in this case, you can integrate ad code into your items).

2) Letting Opinion Stage manage the ads (available in certain geographies for items that receive at least 1 million monthly impressions).


  1. To use your own ad code (e.g. adsense, etc), first send it to Opinion Stage for verfying and integrating it inside account.
  2. Your items must receive at least 1 million monthly impressions, to let Opinion Stage manage the ads.
  3. For Performance plan and higher.

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