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Google Tag Manager Integration
Google Tag Manager Integration
Send all events in your quiz/survey to GTM to trigger actions
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You can send all the events that occur in your Quizzes/Surveys/Polls/Forms to your own google tag manager to trigger actions accordingly. 

As an example, you can fire different pixels based on Quiz responses, and use those pixels to run various re-marketing campaigns per user segment.

Follow these steps to configure the Opinion Stage / GTM integration:

  1. Create an item (e.g Quiz,Survey, Form, or Poll)

  2. Send us your GTM ID so we can integrate it into your Opinion Stage account. Once your GTM ID is integrated into the Opinion Stage account, all events in the item (e.g. start button clicked, option X in question Y clicked, etc) will be sent to your GTM

  3. Use the GTM debug mode to map the events in your items that you want to act on to triggers/tags

You're done!

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