You can embed interactive items directly into your web page, and in many cases that is just what you need.

In some cases, though, you don’t want to copy code each time you create new items. This is when we recommend using placements.

With placements, you can copy the code onto your site just once, then decide which item is displayed on your site from the Opinion Stage dashboard.

Placements are ideal for cases where you have a dedicated location for displaying the item (for example in a section in your site, in a section in each article, in the sidebar, or in a popup).

Follow these steps to assign items to a placement:

  1. Go to the placement screen

  2. Click “Select Item” button on one of the placements

  3. Fill the placement with an item (e.g. a poll) and click Save

  4. Click "Settings" to configure the placement settings (note that each one of the 3 types of placements has different settings)

  5. Click “Embed” and copy the embed code to the location on your site where you want it to be displayed  (note that if you are using the plugin, 3 placements are built in already into the plugin)

You can now change the item displayed on your site at any given time from the Placements dashboard by editing the placement.

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