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How to Associate Responses & Leads with Their Source
How to Associate Responses & Leads with Their Source
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Opinion Stage offers 2 URL parameters-based mechanisms for tracking the sources of responses & leads in surveys, quizzes, and forms.

Tracking based on the Host URL

You can track the sources of responses, using the Host URL field that is displayed in the responses table & leads table in the report dashboard.

You can view the full URL by hovering on it with your mouse, exporting the report to an XLS/CSV file, or sending it automatically to your marketing automation tool.

For example, if you want to view which user submitted which entry, you could send different users different URL variations:

Tracking based on os_utm_source paramter

To track the sources of your responses or leads you can add the os_utm_source parameter to the URL of the survey/quiz. this parameter can then be viewed in both the responses & lead tables in the results dashboard and in the results XLS/CSV file you export.

For example, if you want to segment your leads based on which ad network they came from, you could use different URLs for each of the ad platforms.

Send information to 3rd party

Using our WebHook mechanism you can send the parameters together with the quiz/survey/form submissions to any 3rd party of choice (e.g. MailChimp, HubSpot, Salesforce, etc.).

Important Note

These 2 mechanisms require you to embed your items using the general embed code, they don't work with iframe embeds.

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