Once you are ready to add or embed an item to your site, you'll need to first create/publish the item. Then click on the "Embed & Share" button:

You'll then select from the following methods for adding/embedding the item:

Opinion Stage offers the following methods to add/embed items (e.g. polls, quizzes, etc) to your site:

  1. Using the Script embed - this is the preferred embed option if your site is not based on WordPress. The JavaScript embed wraps the iframe embed with responsive code to verify the item is optimally displayed in all environments (.e.g mobile, tablet, desktop, etc)

  2. Using the WordPress plugin - this is the preferred way of adding items if your site is based on WordPress. Learn more... 

  3. Using the iframe embed - this is the preferred method if your site supports only pure iframe embeds.

  4. Using Placements - this method lets you copy code once to your site and then define which content is displayed in the placement from the Opinion Stage dashboard. This is the preferred way if you would like to display Opinion Stage items in a dedicated location or popup on your site

  5. Using a link - just copy the link of the item landing page on the opinion stage site and copy it to any place on your site

How to share your items in social networks and via email

How can I view the answers/responses?

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