Opinion Stage allows you collect user information in a lead form or widget and send that data to a 3rd party application via webhooks. Using Zapier will simplify this process, as it has hundreds of built-in integrations, such as Mailchimp, Google Docs, Salesforce. 

This example will show you how to send data from a lead form in a Personality Quiz to Mailchimp, via Zapier.

Part A: Configuring in Zapier

  1. Click the Make a Zap! button and create a name for the zap.

2. Select Webhooks, under Build-in Apps, and then select Catch Hook and click save + continue.

3. Copy the displayed Webhook code (you can skip the sample screen). You will use this code momentarily in Opinion Stage.

Part B: Configuration within Opinion Stage

  1. Edit your Quiz under Settings > Integrations > Enable custom Webhook 

2. Paste the Webhook code that was copied from Zapier, click Save, and then SAVE THE QUIZ!

3. Take the quiz as if you are a user - this will send the data with the Webhook.

Part C: Now, back in Zapier…

1.Under Action, click Choose App and select the 3rd party app you wish to send the data to. (Mailchimp in this example).

2. Select Add/Update Subscriber and click Save + Continue, and select your Mailchimp account in the next screen and click Save + Continue.

3. Scroll to the bottom of the Set up Mailchimp Subscriber page and click Refresh Fields, to view all the fields in Mailchimp. Configure the fields you’d like to track and click continue.

4. In the Send Test Subscriber to MailChimp screen, click Send Test to MailChimp and verify the data is transferred to your mailchimp account. 

5. Click Finish and make sure to turn on your Zap!

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