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What Quiz Formats does Opinion Stage Offer?
What Quiz Formats does Opinion Stage Offer?
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Opinion Stage offers two formats of quizzes: personality quiz and trivia quiz. Based on these formats you can create many different types of quizzes.

1) Personality quizzes have long been one of the most popular types of interactive content on the Internet (and even before the internet). Opinion stage lets you easily make your own – to attract, engage, and retain readers. A great personality quiz can for example ask the reader a question about their personality – like “Which Type of Exercise is Best for Me“, or “How Effective Is Your Email Marketing“, or “Which Career is Best for Me?

What sets a personality quiz apart from other types of interactive content is that you create different possible results, and then connect answers to quiz questions with specific results. People’s answers will increase their score for connected results, and the result they score highest for is what they get!

2) Trivia quiz is one of the most engaging and viral forms of interactive content. In a trivia quiz, you put down the questions and mark the right answer for each. The end user gets to answer each question and then see immediately whether or not they got it right, before moving along to the next question. At the end of the quiz, they see how many questions they got right.

Trivia quizzes are especially good for testing and enriching readers’ knowledge, like “How Knowledgeable Are You in Social Media” or “Can You Recognize 10 Women Who Made History?“.

Based on these formats you can create many types of quizzes: assessment quizzes, score quizzes, multiple-choice quizzes, yes or no quizzes, matching quizzes, knowledge tests, true or false quizzes, and more 

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