Opinion Stage’s image upload tool will let you search for images and crop the image you select to different sizes (as long as the image is not larger than 2000 x 1000 pixels, or smaller than 100 x 50 , and is up to 2 MB in size).

Important: The image upload tool also allows you to filter images that are free to modify, change and share for commercial usage, to verify you are using only images you have rights to.

Following are the recommended image sizes for Opinion Stage items:

Images under the question: we recommend a 2:1 image ratio, and to verify the image is 800 width x 400 height at minimum. We recommend that the image sizes you select for all the questions have the same dimensions – that helps to verify the content looks visually appealing.

Answer images: we recommend using a 4:3 ratio, and that the image is 400 x 300 at minimum

Thumbnail images: we recommend using a 1:1 ratio, and that the image is 200 x 200 at minimum

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